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The Future of Remote Sensing

Look into the future of the digital world and you might find the digital world is looking right back at you. Advances in remote sensing are giving computer networks the eyes and ears they need to observe their physical surroundings. Sensors detect physical changes in pressure, temperature, light, sound, or chemical concentrations and then send a signal to a computer that does something in response. Scientists expect that billions of these devices will someday form rich sensory networks linked to digital backbones that put the environment itself online. The goal, says David Tennenhouse, the former chief scientist at DARPA and…

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Leave a tender moment alone.

Easter Visitation 2015 – #SpaceShifters Appear 2 Emanate From Violet Orb
#ufos #orbs

Perhaps I should just be talking to my Friends and not the whole world.

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Serrapeptase 80000-iu-serrapeptase- 4Serrapeptase 80000-iu-serrapeptase- 5

This information is new to me, don’t know what to make of it yet.

But appears to originate with an old YouTube friend – So I’m very interested in what she has to say.

I do not share her interpretation about the “spaceShifters” but she may be right about the Serrapeptase.

See here:


Once upon a time I commented on one of her videos:

“WEIRD we both see & image these entities, we both have Morgellons — there has to be a connection. approx one year ago I used MMS both internally & externally, but take care, Dr Hildy says DON’T use MMS — I don’t think anyone’s got this figured out yet. And I’ve entirely lost faith in our govt & even organized religion for not helping those sick w Morgellons & not helping w chemTrails — Lamestream media doesn’t help, either —…

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[The following may be somewhat dated, but I think important. More and more are becoming  aware of the daily chemTrail spraying, but that doesn’t mean we are any closer to knowing exactly who is spraying us.  Until then, it is paramount that we understand how these heavy metals etcetera affect our health and how to remedy the situation.]

by Nicholas Jones

from TheUniversalSeduction Website

This article is an overview of how we are controlled by technology – from having our brainwaves deliberately changed en masse by transmitters regulating our state of consciousness, to how we are victims of electromagnetic waves disrupting the state of our health and finally how many of us will die, as decided by our global masters.

Earth is wrapped in a donut shaped magnetic field. Circular lines of flux continuously descend into the North Pole and emerge from the South Pole.

The ionosphere, an electromagnetic-wave…

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Keshe - Sierra Leone Ebola 5

Captured CO2

Photo of solid CO2 at room temperature. This mastic-like substance is not “dry ice”, which is the state we would normally consider solid CO2 to be. Therefore we consider it to be in GANS-state (GAs + Nano + Solid state).

Part 1
Attempted murder for the development of an Ebola remedy? M. T. Keshe reported


Hier finden Sie Zusatzinformationen kesche.

Die Informationen sind nicht in einer bestimmten Reihenfolge.

Ich bin sehr interessiert in seiner Arbeit über Ebola-Sanierung in Sierra Leone.

Auch interessiere ich mich für seine anderen Gesundheits-Hilfsmittel.

Ich frage mich, ob er “Morgellons” Patienten helfen könne.

Ich frage mich, was über die Domain-übergreifende Bakterien (CDB) von Carnicom kesche sagen würde.

-“Das kesche Foundation-CO2 Capture KIT” wie wird das erreicht? Ist es wirklich sicher, aufgenommene CO2 verbrauchen?

Mit anderen Worten, versuche ich zu folgenden Satz zu verstehen.

“Einige der aktuellen Themen haben Fukushima-Strahlung-Bereinigung, Ebola-Sanierung, dynamische Reaktor-Konfigurationen…

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keshe attempted-murder-investigation

Sie sind hier: StartseiteBerichteWeltgeschehen → Mordversuch für die Entwicklung eines Ebola Heilmittels? M. T. Keshe berichtet

You are here: HomeReportsworld events → attempted murder for the development of an Ebola remedy? MT Keshe reported

Freigeschaltet am 14.11.2014 um 17:52 durch Manuel Schmidt

Screenshot aus dem Youtube Video “PROJECT CAMELOT: KESHE UPDATE NOV13”

Was passiert, wenn man ein potentiell wirksames Ebola-Heilmittel herstellen kann?
Created at 14.11.2014 17:52 by Manuel Schmidt

Screenshot from the Youtube video “PROJECT CAMELOT: Keshe UPDATE Nov13”

What happens when you can make a potentially effective Ebola remedy?
Was wäre, wenn dieses Mittel noch darüber hinaus eine Art Allzweckmittel für viele viralen und bakteriellen Erkrankungen ist? Dann unterstützen die großen internationalen Institutionen die Entwicklungen und stellen den Hilfsbedürftigen vor Ort schnell alle Mittel bereit, die sie zur Heilung benötigen, würde man meinen. Mehran Tavakoli Keshe, Gründer der Keshe Stiftung, hat…

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Hillary Clinton “Queen of Monsanto”

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:

“I stand in favor of using seeds and products that have a proven track record.”

“There is a big gap between what the facts are, and what the perceptions are.”

“Genetically modified sounds ‘Frankensteinish’ – drought resistant sounds really like something you want.”

begin @ approx 29 min

“We talk about drought-resistant seeds, and I’ve promoted them all over Africa.

By definition, they have been engineered to be drought-resistant, I mean that’s the beauty of them. [She actually said “beauty.”]

Maybe somebody can get their harvest done and not starve, and maybe there’s some left over to sell.

And yet I’ve been involved in a lot of the political debates in other countries about whether or not to accept certain kinds of seeds.”

“We created a program called Feed the Future, which is trying to help the…

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