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Morgellons Disease – phantasm bartonella borrelia lyme protocol fibers keratin collagen

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IDK too much about this, but I did find the following interesting:

Morgellons , the best working model based on practical evidence, is a Bartonella infection. If you look at the symptomology there are striking likenesses, just about everything sans fibers.

The fibers have been determined to be Keratin cells with a Collagen content by Stricker/ Middelveen as well as others from the Charles Holman Foundation. Keratin is what your toenails are made of , Collagen is throughout the body, in your joints etc. So these are building blocks in the human body.

Bartonella, is one of only two known bacteria by science to be able to accomplish Horizontal Gene transfer into Eukaryotic (mamalian) cells. Bacteria, Pykaryotic cells. use Horizontal Gene Transfer normally among themselves to evolve and exchange DNA for survival resistance.

Bartonella though HGT acquires genes from other pathogens as Bacteria normally do but uses it’s unique ability to transfer these genes into human cellular DNA. The result is that genes, perhaps from a fungal infection, use the Keratin and Collagen in your body, to create a transgenic growth. the fibers.

When you remove the bacterial infections and take steps to repair your DNA all this activity will stop.”

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My story, Cured using small reactive molecules.

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I had Lyme and Morgellons and went to 6 “doctors” and came to the conclusion that the only person who was going to help me was me. I was in the U.S. Navy for 11 years working with optics, submarine periscopes, I then went into tool and die making and CAD/CAM work. I didn’t have any medical background but I did have an appreciation of technology and cause and effect. I also tried a lot of treatments that were suggested for 1 reason or another just wasting more time and becoming more frustrated. I decided i wouldn’t put anything in my body unless I understood what it did and why. I started reading scientific studies , mostly from scientists not MD’s. It was hard to read these studdies at first but the more I read them and looked up words the better I got. What I found was in a search engine if you add the word “scientific” it helps access those and then I would read their conclusion first to see if I wanted to take on all the technical aspects of the study or move on.

This process took about two years and I figured out how to cure Myself using very small molecules that will penetrate everywhere in the body and how to effectivly remove die off toxins that prevent treatment from getting in. The protocol also restores a healthy body chemistry and repairs cell mitochondria.

I’m not “healed” , I’m not “recovered”,……..I’m Cured.

I know this because you can actually feel this protocol working inside your bones and when you have lesions on your spine from Morgellons and tumors on the spine and those completely heal and are gone and you feel like a teenager again, I’m 58, then you can say you are cured. I’m the healthiest person I know.
You should read the “Bartonella” page to show that Borrelia is not the dominant pathogen and why, supported with scientific studies, then the “small reactive molecules” page to understand how the protocol works.

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