Will wonders never Cease!  James McCanney AND Marshall Masters on same show ???!!!

In the latter half, author and publisher Marshall Masters shared his contention that ‘Planet X’ is continuing its inbound path in our solar system, drawing closer to Earth. Rather than a planet, he believes what is out there is a mini-constellation, with a brown dwarf sun at the center, that is currently about two Jupiter distances away from us. One of the outermost objects orbiting this sun has been observed and nicknamed “Bluebonnet,” he said. In order for it to be observed, people have to adjust their view, not for the Earth’s horizon, but the ecliptic– the plane of the solar system, he stated.

Masters said an associate of his captured an image of the brown dwarf from a high altitude viewing spot west of Peru back in May and that has helped his team calculate the path of Planet X. He suggested that the effects of Planet X have already played into Earth’s extreme weather, but according to his estimate, from 2015 onward, disruptions will be far more intense, with a pole shift and drastic flooding taking place, such as Edgar Cayce predicted. For more, check out Masters’ video Planet X System Observations and Orbital Analysis.

News segment guest: James McCanney

This blogger had this to say (Google Translate):

“jorge urena” “marshall masters”

What is also interesting in this context is that a new updated video of Marshall Masters.

It’s a pretty extensive movie where he explains how proven by extensive photo analysis that the object we call the Blue Kachina, coming closer.

So, in that context, it might be possible that it is also in the northern hemisphere is shown.

He has also recorded new images in the video, made by a businessman during a commercial flight over South America.

They are unique recordings because without a doubt is to establish that the photos are real because of a unique position of the planets Jupiter, Venus and Mercury on that particular day.

And this is according to Marshall Masters, the businessman Jorge Urena the first non government person the unknown planet Nibiru, is recorded.

The left of the sun

A distance calculation based on a comparison with the size of Jupiter shows that the planet Nibiru is at a distance of about 10 Astronomical Units (AU) from Earth, just outside the orbit of Saturn.

According Masters Nibiru will soon disappear behind the sun and when it comes out again, we will only really start to notice.

Impact on Earth

The good news, according to him is that we are talking about a period of anywhere between three and ten years, what people would give to prepare for things to come.


Published on Jul 28, 2013

@ approx 49:15 — perhaps McCanney will address on his radio show today Thurs 08 08 13

Link for McCanney Thursday, August 8, 2013:


So I decided to send this off to Mr. Masters – YOWUSA.COM Reader Feedback:

Hello there! I intended to leave this for you at YouTube, but apparently you have to add me as contact first. So I thought I’d try this addy.

Anyway, you may be interested in these Google + images. Additionally, I’ve included (2) YouTube links. The first is the same set of images, except in video format. The second is my most recent upload which includes a few “Violet Sphere” pics. What I think I’m seeing is an object between Violet Sphere & Sun, but the jury’s still out on that one.

Oh, what the heck, I’ll also include a blog post I put up regarding the 10 27 11 images.

Thank you so much,

Rose Bongiovanni Cupo

Peoria, AZ 08 08 13



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Subject: Hi Marshall !

Message: All Images Taken Thu 10 27 11

especially @ 31:49 (Turn Sound Off)

(I have 2 YouTube channels)

THX Rose

Attach Video:

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BTW I finally feel up to having a look at the images I’ve taken since late June.  And there definitely IS “something” between “Violet Sphere” and Sun.

z IMG_9683 - Copy (5)

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