April 24, 2013 … my weekly radio show is now posted on the archive sub-page … join me this week as i continue to discuss the science of comets and the planets … this week’s main science topic explains a rarely seen condition of the comet tail of Hale Bopp that was observed and photographed in the mid 1990’s … my new eBook COMETS shows a photo of these amazing internal comet structural tails (17 in all swinging around like giant snake-like extensions) proving that comets are not dirty snowballs and is perfectly not only explained but predicted by my Plasma Discharge Comet Model (the new ebook COMETS also shows my papers published over 15 years prior to the appearance of this data perfectly predicting these tails and effects) … these are filament like water tails … very hot and highly ionized … i then relate this to earth weather whereby earth which acts like a plasma discharge comet develops similar extensions that contribute to our earth weather and troposphere storm systems … listen and learn … jim mccanney

April 30, 2013 … join my on my weekly radio show thursday evening … i will be talking about an amazingly simple aspect of comets … listen and learn why this simple aspect of comets proves that comets could not possibly be dirty snowballs and why my Plasma Discharge Comet Model provides the simple explanation … i will also be discussing … COMET ISON … COMET ISON … COMET ISON … COMET ISON … COMET ISON … COMET ISON … COMET ISON … COMET ISON … COMET ISON … COMET ISON … COMET ISON … COMET ISON … COMET ISON … COMET ISON … COMET ISON … dispelling many of the rumors that have come from both the gov misinformation machine as well as the throngs of internet quacks and more so explaining the many aspects of this upcoming comet and what it may do … jim mccanney



[Deagle’s beliefs are extreme, but I can hardly blame him.

I blame the military-industrial elite and their filthy greed and secrets.

And I blame our “free press” who trust those they should not.

Who are blinded by their own ignorance.

Hard for McCanney to get a word in edgewise but I am grateful this platform is provided for his views to be aired.]

HERE is the link to Prof. McCanney’s latest show

The “James McCanney Science Hour – At the Crossroads”



The info on this page is sorely in need of an update, but additional links of mine can be found here:

As far as I know my work is unrelated to McCanney’s. Perhaps I’ve been imaging comets with companions. I really don’t know.



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Last, but certainly not least, I did want to include this BTR show with A. R. Bordon, Michael Lee Hill & Sandra D. Sabatini.

I honestly don’t know what to make of it, but Dr. Bordon has drawn heavily upon the work of James McCanney.

Dr. Bordon claims Nibiru was “moved” through the mental efforts of many in a coordinated thought experiment.

I would call this praying. And, God, Let’s Hope So !!!

[I couldn’t get this to play at my local library, but did play on my husband’s laptop. So, God Willing!]