Before one passes judgment on the veracity of Basiago’s account, one should be made aware of Dr. Dan Burisch Crain’s similar 9/11 testimony.

Think what you will of the good Doctor, I still maintain that when he chose to speak on a given subject, he was very careful not to lie. That doesn’t mean we got the whole truth from Burisch. No, far from it.

Anyway, here is the post where I cobbled together what Burisch put forth on 9/11. My own belief has changed considerably since that time. Since the Spring of 2011 I have been imaging Holograph Planes. Only recently did I actually go back and look at 9/11 Plane images. I immediately knew those “Planes” were holographs or holograms. I arrived at that conclusion quite independently and quite late, it would seem.

I do not understand fully what transpired that terrible day. But I do know the Deceivers were able to pull it off due to technology acquired from ETs/EDs who may have traveled back in time themselves.

So good luck getting anyone to believe Burisch or Basiago. Still the “usual suspects” should be identified and prosecuted. Allowing yesterday’s crimes to go unpunished makes it possible for today’s crimes to continue unabated.


Financial draw downs and insider trading by companies resident within the former WTC7 were conducted with prior knowledge that an attack was imminent — Dr. Dan Burisch Crain


“Thus far I have indicated

(1) they let it happen…which is supported by evidence not required to even come from me…but nevertheless….and

(2) they made the wrong decision to allow it to happen, picking “it” (9/11) over a “worse possibility.”

I have never defined the “worse possibility” as having anything to do with the transition from Timeline #1 to Timeline #2.

So, at the risk of appearing as though I am defending against someone fiddling with my words, may I ask you from whence you derived the opinion?

Did their decision allow them to fill their pockets? Sure!

I think we’ve all figured out that no matter how they decide, they opt for financial increases. That’s not new.

The decision to allow the other option may have done the same, albeit offering much less financial structural support.

A careful read of my response about 9/11 shows that I state openly that

I have been made aware of the other option, will not disclose it,and that they should have chosen to defend the U.S. and pushed for a third “undeclared” path.”

Now, here’s where it gets interesting:

“Basiago claims that CIA time travelers learned that 9/11 was going to happen almost 30 years in advance, and decided to let it happen because they didn’t believe in messing with the future. Even worse: In one version, the time travelers visited two different timelines – one in which 9/11 didn’t happen and the earth was destroyed by rogue planet Niburu, and another in which 9/11 did happen and the earth was saved. So naturally, our heroic leaders decided to do the right thing and save the planet by letting/making 9/11 happen.”

9/11 Tribunal under attack for prosecuting 9/11 Accused beyond “the Usual Suspects”


The Andrew D. Basiago Affidavit: Circumventing an attempted suppression of 9/11 evidence

The affidavit of Andrew D. Basiago contains credible sworn eye-witness testimony that the U.S. government’s DARPA time travel program possessed moving images of the 9/11 event as early as 1971 and that Donald H. Rumsfeld, who was to be U.S. Secretary of Defense on 9/11, was the defense attaché to DARPA’s time travel program at the same time he was a member of President Richard M. Nixon’s cabinet. There is probable cause to believe that Mr. Rumsfeld’s fellow cabinet member, Henry Alfred Kissinger, then U.S. National Security Advisor, and a person of interest to the 9/11 Tribunal, was given access to this DARPA time travel 1971 pre-identification of the 9/11 event, and that such 9/11 pre-identification information was unlawfully transmitted to U.K. citizens in the Merovingian and banking bloodline families, associates of Mr. Kissinger, who sit on an executive of an international war crimes racketeering organization that orchestrated the 9/11 global false flag operation.

Please see also:

“Now, in 2012 it is public knowledge that the U.S. government has secretly possessed time travel technology for at lease 40 years, thanks to courageous whistleblowers like Andrew D. Basiago, William Brett Stillings, Bernard Mendez, Michael Relfe, and Arthur Neumann.”

Basiago mentions 9/11 @ 5:50


Host Roxy Lopez with Webre and Basiago

Voltaire Network: As we said, deciding to write this book and to go public was a huge step. What pushed you to do it?

Kurt Sonnenfeld: To save my family. And to let the world know that things are not what they seem.

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911 War Crimes Tribunal With A.L. Webre III and Drake

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Fri, October 12, 2012