Part III: Interdimensional Manipulation in Present Time

Present Time Paper #1:

The Year 2012 Looking Forward — A Deep Dive Into Current ET Situation (Part I) by Wes Penre

Monday, September 24, 2012


4. Latest News: ‘Nibiru’ Coming in Early! LPG-C Wants Us to Prepare Now!

So they knew about the Incoming Planet already in 1984, and of course much, much further back than that, but this is when it started coming out in the Media, just to be suppressed again for another 30 years. Now, some Media, like CNN, ABC, and NBC are talking about the Incoming on and off, to start implanting the scenario into peoples subconscious minds for it to potentially being used in the near future.

Now, LPG-C, the retired Quantum Physicists in southern California, are telling us that Ša.AM.e is coming in much, much sooner than expected, and December 2012 is when it’s going to be closest to Earth. I will give details about this in the Prophecy Paper very soon, but A.R. sent out an email to all members in his closed email group (in which I’m included), saying that actions are being taken to try to steer the planet slightly off course to prevent a catastrophe on Earth. They say that without alien intervention and their willingness to assist, it would be as bad as the Deluge, 13,500 years ago. They say it will still be bad, even in the best case scenario, unless we start doing something down here on Earth as well. We need to prove ourselves to those ‘not from here’, they say, showing we are capable of taking care of our own business. All this as a part of a bigger picture, where the Sirians (and other star races as well) supposedly are watching us to see if we are ‘mature enough’ to go from adolescence to adulthood, or if we still need our ‘parents’ (read the Sirians) to look after us. Therefore, LPG-C, beginning on September 17, started a series of precise spiritual exercises, involving a few members of the email group. It’s being ‘supervised’ by Dr. A.R. Bordon, chief scientist of LPG-C, being in direct conversation with the involved persons. After a certain amount of time, these meditating people will be exchanged for a group of others in a rotational pattern. These exercises are supposedly helping in steering Ša.AM.e off course and save Earth. Those people involved in these sessions apparently also get to see that the Ša.AM.i are real, and not some made-up alien group.

In the beginning stage of all this, the planet Venus was also in the scenario, and may still be, but I want to hold back on this for a while to see how things develop before I spill beans that may not even be accurate. Interesting, though, is that Venus has been mentioned as the equivalent to Nibiru (Ša.AM.e) in the Sumerian scriptures. However, I want to see more proof that the things LPG-C are putting out there are really correct before I put the information out. The Superwave is very much still on the table, so to speak, but now, when ‘Ša.AM.e’ is coming in faster than anticipated, showing up in space/time from has been out of sight, traveling the KHAA, apparently, it’s become an equally important issue. We will see how this pans out, but my point is that Ša.AM.e/Nibiru has a lot to do with the End Time Prophecies. If what LPG-C is telling us is correct, we may experience some open alien confrontation soon. However, don’t hold your breath yet. I want to check this out some more first. If there is something urgent I need to tell people, I will post it on my blog,

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7. The Earthbound Against the Home Planet — More ‘Divide and Conquer’?

But there is more. If they were serious and wanted to repent and help mankind taking their first baby-steps on their own, why did they leave Marduk and his allied star races to rule Earth with an iron fist for more than 2,000 years? If we look back on the last 2,000 years, we see a lot of darkness, misery, slavery, wars, conflicts, genocide, and the list goes on. Is this a sign of goodwill; an attempt to prepare mankind for their liberation? Today, the Sirians defend themselves, saying that they overestimated Marduk, thinking he could do the job. Oh yes, he could certainly do the job. He’s ruled with violence to an even greater degree than the rest of the Sirians put together. And I am sure that’s what they really wanted him to do in the first place.

And there is even more. About a year ago, Prince Utu Shamash, son of King Nannar, and grandson of Prince ENLIL, contacted me because of my connection with LPG-C, and because of what I wrote in my papers (Level I) about them and the history of Planet Earth in general. He apparently liked what I’d done, and chose me as his public relations person. I showed to be quite a difficult PR person, however, because I didn’t agree with his message, and I told him so. I have already spoken on this earlier and don’t want to repeat myself more than necessary, so to make a long story short, Utu wants humankind to start forgiving the Sirians for what they did in the past. He said that then was then and now is now, and we need to let the past be the past and unite as brothers and sisters in present time. He further said that the Sirians are our creators (which is incorrect) and ancestors (which is correct), but that we now outnumber them, being 7 billion people on the planet. His intention is to make peace with mankind so we can face a common future together.

Again, it seems like the Sirians can’t help but contradict themselves. Apparently, he and his people are going to come down to Earth, inevitably start the Battle of Armageddon and play out the rest of the Bible Prophecies. Although I pointed all this out to him, he didn’t respond. However, this old plan of theirs may have to wait on the backburner for some time, because it looks like the Sirians and their partners in crime are planning something else first, albeit it could all be connected; one thing is just a preparation for something else. More about other, more urgent plans, in the Prophecy Section.

The reason I am bringing all this up here is to show the reader that these are the guys who are behind the ‘divide and conquer’ technique so many researchers and people in general have noticed the Global Elite are experts in. Well, they have had good teachers!


While the atoms in our bodies obey the strong- and weak-force of Nature, the information cloud that superposes our bodies – what you and I call our spirit, soul and mind – is not bound by them. In fact, it is this information cloud that we really are – not the bodies that hosts it. As such, while our COBE bodies host it, our living matrices are actually the vehicles we can (and must learn to) use for travel along either the ordinate of time or the abscissa of space.

I don’t mean we must carry our bodies with us as we move through portals they are not designed to withstand; it is actually not really necessary, because we can create our own avatars out of the energy flux that is freely available between and inside the confines of the atoms which make up our physical frames.

An avatar is simply another body conformed out of the same energy of which our 4-spacetime bodies are. Only this “new” body is somewhere or somewhen else, wherever or whenever it is we wish to go – whether it be to the future or to the past, to some other planet in some distant galaxy, or to the very source of all creation.

Where or when it is we choose to go is not the issue, and not even important; that we choose and go is. There is another important discovery I must add to the foregoing: we can avatar ourselves a new body where we go because, within the information cloud we are, we carry all the information necessary to conform a new one, even better than the one we left behind.

The key to all of this, as transduction-capable informants have told us, is the ability to slip through the black holes each of us are.

Is all of this weird enough for you?

I believe I have been and am being guided to image Incoming Objects, perhaps this same “Nibiru” both Mr. Penre and Mr. Bordon speak of.

Further I believe one reason for spraying chemTrails is to hide Incoming Objects. Others arrived at same conclusion separately and prior to my arriving there.

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