I spoke with Mike Harris tonight who was a member of my Camelot Roundtable on Project Blue Beam.  In answer to a question from the audience regarding a similar piece of information that has apparently been announced by Dr. Bill Deagle last Friday (and today) that he has a source who talked about the same dates.  Mike Harris then came forward on the Ustream and announced that according to his high level source this is indeed true.  In other words, both sources are saying the same thing.

I have invited Mike Harris on my radio show tomorrow night on Revolution Radio.  He is checking with his source and will let me know if he can accept my offer and whether there is any added information he can release.

All Mike said when questioned for further information is that there will be earthquakes and other affects from this passage.  He is urging people to prepare.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  I am seeking verification of this information at this time.  I cannot confirm that it is accurate in any way.  If you have independent verification please get in touch with me

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Michael Harris has been added to the American sector of the Board of Directors of the Adamus Group.  Other members are James S. Hanke, Frederick Coward and Gordon Duff.

Adamus, among other things, manages a series of organizations that oversee high security databases for national intelligence agencies, law enforcement groups and financial institutions.

Several Adamus group companies work in the area we broadly refer to as “disclosure,” managing the integration of “after next-gen” technologies.  Among those are energy sectors including a variety of fusion systems, advanced energy weapons and unconventional flight systems.

Adamus is privately held, quasi-governmental and operates under the authorities of several treaties and conventions.