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17. These then must be questions; not only questions but answers.

For as they have been asked of us here, they must in truth be

answered in such a manner that we – each of us – may make

them practical, applicable, practical in our experiences day

by day.

18. Then we must begin, my beloved, at the beginning of how,

where, when such things came to be a terminology; or

expressed in such manners that there appeared to be, or

APPEARS to be, or MAY appear to be, a diffusion, a

separation; that only those who HAVE the desire for the

seeking and knowing the truth MAY correctly interpret.

19. For remember, as has been given by Him, flesh and blood may

NOT reveal it unto us – it is the gift of the Father; that we

may be lights unto the children of men, to those that sit in

darkness, to those that are confused, to those that have made

their opportunities stumbling stones rather than steppingstones.

20. But these must then answer, ever, in all good conscience, to

all that seek to know.

21. Then the basic or first causes, as Spirit came to

materiality, must be sought out. And to be understandable to

man, to be comprehended by all, they – the first causes, the

answers – must conform to that which has been ever given, in

ANY condition, in ANY experience of man in his seeking in

this material world. They must answer for that which was,

that which is, and that which will be.

22. Then we must know from whence we came; how, why; and whence

we go – and why.

23. In God’s own purpose, Spirit is His presence then. For the

Spirit of God moved and that which is in matter came into

being, for the opportunities of His associates, His

companions, His sons, His daughters. These are ever spoken

of as One.

Gladys Davis Turner (1905-1986) In 1923, Edgar Cayce hired Gladys Davis as stenographer to document all of his psychic readings.

24. Then there came that as sought for self-indulgence, selfglorification;

and there was the beginning of warring among

themselves for activity – STILL in Spirit.

25. Then those that had made selfish movements moved into that

which was and is OPPORTUNITY, and there came life into same.

26. Then what was the Spirit that moved that made rebellion? The

Spirit of God or the Spirit of Self?

27. This becomes self-evident even when we look about us in our

own experience day by day. They that have the Spirit of God

have the Spirit of Truth, have the Spirit of Christ, have the

Spirit of Construction.

28. They that have the Spirit of Rebellion have the Spirit of

Hate, the Spirit of Confusion; and seek self-glory rather

than peace, harmony and understanding.

29. Thus as has been indicated, the Spirit pushed into matter –

and became what we see in our three-dimensional world as the

kingdoms of the earth; the mineral, the vegetable, the animal

– a three-dimensional world.

30. And that which beareth witness is the Spirit of Truth, the

Spirit of Light. For He said, “Let there be light; and there

was light.”

31. Then indeed there is no power that emanates that is not from


32. Then what is this Spirit of Rebellion, what is this Spirit of

Hate? What is this Spirit of Self-Indulgence? What is this

Spirit that makes men afraid?

33. SELFISHNESS! Allowed, yes, of the Father. For, as given, He

has not willed that the souls should perish but that we each

should know the truth – and the truth would make us free. Of

what? Selfishness!

34. Then we should each know that the sin which lies at our door

is ever the sin of selfishness, self-glory, self-honor.

35. Hence as the Master has said, unless we become even as He, we

may not in ANY wise enter in.





Edgar Cayce with Sunday School class

Edgar Cayce’s Story of the Bible by Robert W. Krajenke

Robert Krajenke



The following reading reaffirms the concept which has already been advanced. The creation of matter was first only an expression of God. But it became a source of self-indulgence and selfish expression as His Sons and Daughters began to project their individual and personal influences into it.

For the spirit of God moved and that which is in matter came into being for the opportunities of . . . His Sons, His Daughters. These are ever spoken of as One. Then came that as sought self-indulgence, self-glorification; and there was the beginning of warring among themselves for activity—still in Spirit. Then those that had made selfish movements moved into that which was and is Opportunity, and there came life into same.

Edgar Cayce Reading 262-114

Thus, in the reading’s view, the earth was not created out of a Void or from Nothingness. Rather, His spirit moved over the chaos and rebellion, and from these diverse elements He created Balance and Harmony, and established the foundations of the World.

The World became a place of “Opportunity” through which souls could begin to realize their separation from their spiritual surroundings.

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