My Benevolent Friends are infinitely patient with me.

As I don’t always do as they wish, as they prompt.

Now is not the time to be second-guessing,” I’ve been told by a very attractive young woman. She seems a bit frustrated and bewildered with me.

Second-guessing! Are you kidding me?! I’m having trouble with first-guessing!

But mostly they are very gentle with me. That is, unless they really need for me to get outside and take some pictures.

Then they pull out all the stops, and it sounds like WWIII out there!

Jet fighters, helicopters, sometimes I get my Mary plane (my blue and white one), but making a very loud noise that would NEVER come out of that plane.

When this happens, I know I’m supposed to take a lot of pics, I don’t know why, but it becomes clear when I have a look the next day.

As can be seen from the following images from yesterday, Wednesday, 02 15 12.

I can only speak for myself, but have you wondered why there’s so little enthusiasm for Romney or Gingrich or any of the GOP candidates, even though the Obama presidency has been abysmal?

Do you get the feeling, like me, that we’re just not buying into this anymore? The Fox talking heads can ridicule Ron Paul all they want, but at least he represents something new, something different.

Many of my friends fear big government, so do I. But do you trust these so-called Republican Conservative small-government types who speak out of both sides of their mouths?

I don’t. They talk a good game about getting government off our backs. Then they secretly fund black ops with our tax dollars.

Why do you think they’re emphatic about keeping drugs illegal? Where do you think all of that confiscated drug money goes?

Bush the Elder and Bush the Younger have failed you. Clinton and Obama have failed you.

And your children.

The return of Wormwood / Nibiru / Planet X may be the single most important event in our Earth human history.

I don’t believe anyone knows how this will turn out. This has never happened before.

Spiritual decisions await that can only be made AFTER we’ve made this knowledge our own.

I believe the Vatican is sitting on this information.

I don’t care who you are, your station in life, whether or not you believe as I do.

ALL are capable of preparing the WAY for themselves and helping others to find their own way.

For me, personally, all I have to do is say His Holy Name, Jesus. My heart is filled with joy. And I am transported.

This works for me, find your own way.

God Is Good.

I am in the right place at the right time, and I seem to have the right equipment to capture these images. I am getting help from on high, and this place does seem special, sacred. As ECETI’s James Gilliland has stated, “The Veil is very thin here.”

Let me tell you, it’s a bit astonishing to see these planes, etc appear and vanish. And if I wasn’t getting results, I’d say, “Take me to the funny farm!”


Here is my latest video – images from Monday and early Wednesday. There are 3 versions, as the first two were blocked due to songs.

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And here is YouTube PlayList with all of my Uploads to date.

Later, I’ll add more images from yesterday, Wednesday. But here are the first few.

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Very proud of this image, also from yesterday. Wormwood / Nibiru / Planet X & Sun’s perturbations.