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General Stubblebine’s 2012 Estimate of Situation (EoS): Health & Food Freedom & Justice

The Foundation trustees … met with Judge Andrew Napolitano the morning before the event, and brought his message to the attendees:

“The struggle for liberty goes far deeper than either the Republicans or Democrats imagined. Keep on doing what you are doing and don’t give up the struggle.”

Among others, we heard from Foster Gamble (producer of the movie Thrive ), Tim Bolen, Sharry Edwards, Jordan Rubin, Dr. Hildy Staninger and members of the public, present at the meeting and via webinar.

The EoS has been published at:

Hildy – Hildegarde Staninger


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Dr. Hildy: Mesogens and The Technology of Building Brain Chips

From January 4, 2012 — One Cell One Light™ Radio with Dr. Hildegarde Staninger™, RIET-1

First Hour Guest: Michael Edward,

Second Hour Guests: Michael A. DiMatteo, California Licensed Private Investigator #26005, DiMatteo and Associates, ; and Dr. Rima Laibow, Medical Director of the Natural Solutions Foundation,

Happy New Year from One Cell One Light Radio! Dr. Hildy will be kicking off the new year with a very special discussion about mesogens and the technology of building brain chips.

As part of an ongoing conversation about the increased use of nanotechnology and the dangers it can pose, Dr. Staninger will welcome private investigator Michael DiMatteo to discuss the potential of the misuse of this technology to control susceptible individuals through mesogens.

Mesogens are the fundamental unit of a liquid crystal that induces structural order in the crystals, and can be man-made advanced bionanotechnology/biosensors. Through her practice, Dr. Staninger has found these units in a sample taken from a case study. The sample was from a calcified material taken from the patient’s ear canal — a material that contained silicon. Silicon and like compounds are often used in the making of nanoparticles.

The subject of this case study has also employed Michael DiMatteo to investigate the origins of this substance and how it came to end up in the subject’s body. Mr. DiMatteo has worked closely with Dr. Staninger on this case and their findings may be surprising — and shocking.

Joining them in the discussion of this case study and the mesogens found inside of the individual will be Dr. Rima Laibow, Medical Director of the Natural Solutions Foundation as she prepares for the upcoming 3rd Annual War Council, at which Dr. Staninger will give her presentation Global Brain Chip and Mesogens: Nano Machines for Ultimate Control of False Memories. The council can be attended live or on the web through a webinar or internet radio, the details of which can be found at

Join Dr. Staninger and her guests for their discussion on mesogens and mind control this week on One Cell One Light Radio!


DR. HILDY WILL JOIN Dr. Laibow for the 3rd Annual War Council, 10 AM to 1 PM Eastern, January 8, 2012:


Nanotechnology Vs. Environmental Technology



Optical biosensing transducer based on silicon waveguide structure coated with polyelectrolyte nano layers


Dr Hildegarde Staninger

Mesogens: Their Use in Building Nano-Biosensor Brain Chips

Mesogens are any compound that can exist as a mesophase and that part of
the molecule of a liquid crystal that is responsible for its particular
properties. In medicine, the term “mesogenic” pertains to, or is relating to,
the capacity of a virus to lethally infect embryonic hosts after a short

incubation period, but is incapable of infecting immature and adult hosts.

In other words, the mesogen has a host-parasitic relationship in which the
parasite dominates, but the host usually survives.1, 2

This statement is right
on target for how the mesogenic liquid crystal phase, and its other nano
architectural designed smart functions, would interact with the biological
system of the human brain or other target organs of designed choice.

Mesogenic payloads of liquid crystals can be unreactive until triggered into
activation for their ultimate purpose.

This is the new nano medicine, new
smart WIFI communication system, weapon, industrial espionage device, or
component for mind or body control devices.

In the nanotech world, there
are no limits. It is the same with various types of mesogens. (See Figure 1)

To understand the technology of mesogens and their multiple smart
functional uses for sensing, payload delivery systems, and other related
aspects of their design, one must always remember that the mesogen is the
tool or device – like the wheel on a car for the nano machine.

The nano
machine can be designed to become

the robot,
surgical scalpel,
voice within your skull, or even

the “false” collective consciousness when
integrated into a computer system

for collective mind control or a “global

“something horrible and unbelievable was discovered”


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