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Chemtrails, Owning the Weather by 2012, the military application and RFID Chips



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  2. fri 01 13 12 ChemTrail Free Friday White Peak Vistancia Peoria Arizona AmericaBy Rose Rosetta (Albums) many images to share Wormwood Nibiru & ChemTrails – so I thought I’d start with what the Powers That Were don’t wish you to see. I’ll start uploading daily untweaked images starting with last Fri. Remember this is all about remembering who you are and preparing to meet your Maker, so to speak. Rose
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    January 20, 2012 at 12:22 am | 
  4. sat 01 14 12 What a Difference a Day Makes! ChemTrailsBy Rose Rosetta (Albums) I’d choose a small portion of these and make a YouTube, but I’ve fallen so far behind I thought it a good idea to just upload EVERYTHING! ALL past presidents AND Obama have failed you. How to fight back? Keep the Tyrant at bay, mostly prepare every which way. YOU prepare the WAY. We must accept everyone of good will wherever they’re at. No TIME to change. FDR was right, ONLY fear separates YOU from YOUR CREATOR.

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How to tell the good guys from the bad?

Malevolent trails are long and linger and eventually merge with other trails to form white haze or Chem Clouds. Malevolents almost never spray in middle of blue sky. They usually start at the horizon, then lay successive trails parallel which merge together.

Benevolent trails can be short or long, but don’t linger for long. Many times they’re pencil thin, but not always. Sometimes Benevolents spray in middle of blue sky, then trail disappears.


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