Truth IS stranger than fiction!

And it’s funny sometimes, how one thing leads to another.

This video

reminded me of:


BTW if you go here and scroll down, then you’ll see images of the wormhole (or whatever it is) to which I referred:



So I went back to have a look. And I remembered this was the first time one of my holograph plane Friends flew directly toward the Sun, or at least the first time I noticed.

So I decided to look more closely, and I hope you’ll agree I may have imaged binary twin before I even knew it might exist.

Before those images, please see:

last pictures I took on Sat eve, incl one of our beautiful AZ sunsets & first pictures I took Sun morn, yesterday morning.

An image of White Peak is dividing line.


[I’m a little in awe of these photographs, like I was back on Thu 10 27 11, when I saw Dark Star for first time. Especially considering I haven’t a clue what I’m imaging. I’m just letting go and allowing myself to be guided. My Friends tell me I have true faith.]

[BTW these images were taken on 2 consecutive days one month prior to 10 27.]

You can find these images here:

And here:


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New uploads show up Googling before they show up doing a YouTube search.

BTW, each time I upload new video, I add it to this playlist:

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You are a Creature of a Loving Creator.

If you come to that realization, you will be raising the Consciousness of our home planet exponentially.

I’ve also been told that Time is short, so don’t delay.


How to tell the good guys from the bad?

Malevolent trails are long and linger and eventually merge with other trails to form white haze or Chem Clouds. Malevolents almost never spray in middle of blue sky. They usually start at the horizon, then lay successive trails parallel which merge together.

Benevolent trails can be short or long, but don’t linger for long. Many times they’re pencil thin, but not always. Sometimes Benevolents spray in middle of blue sky, then trail disappears.

BTW if anyone wishes copies of any images included in any of these YouTubes, please leave a comment at one of my blogs. That’s the only place I check. I don’t check my email. Ask my children! I have tons of pics I haven’t viewed myself yet.


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